About Us


My name is Mike Woods Owner of Simple Home Solutions.

I became interested in home repair in my early teens in California working on my parents and grandparents home. I started off doing basic projects like painting, minor carpentry, tile etc. My father was an electrician for The Department of Water & Power and raced stock cars on the weekend so I was introduced to projects and tools at an early age. My parents also own a sewing machine repair and embroidery business (Woods N' Sons) that allowed me to start working at an early age and see firsthand what it takes to run a business.

In 1989 I was hired by the Los Angeles County Fire Department and worked at Camp 9 for eight years fighting brush fires with chain saws and hand tools via helicopter. This is one of the most physically demanding jobs in the world and unfortunately it took its toll on my lower back and I was unable to continue. The skills, dedication and respect the Fire Department environment taught me is priceless...

So instead of dwelling on what to do to make money I jumped head first into home repair in California. I worked on the apartment complex my wife, child and I lived in at the time in exchange for rent. The owner of the complex also owned several properties for me to make ready for new tenants.

In 1997 we decided enough with California and moved to Houston. I took on a few handyman type jobs while at the same time working for a local design firm doing delivery and installations. Within a short period of time word of mouth kept my phone ringing (actually a beeper remember those) and jobs kept coming in. 

 In 1999 I started Simple Home Solutions and went full time. I also launched simplehomesolutions.com and remember back then not to many contractors even had or knew what a website was. In 2008 I launched houstonbathroomremodeling.com as well as using Facebook for business.  Everything from set up to design on my website along with the pictures I've done. All of my advertising is done through the internet, word of mouth and one neighborhood newsletter?

We are celabrating 19 years in business. Hire us and get your project done right the first time.