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 Simple Home Solutions has been providing  reliable, budget friendly bathroom remodeling & home improvement services since 1999.  We are a Houston based construction company with a passion for minor and major home renovations. We serve one client at a time, carry liability insurance and offer  homeowner financing  if needed. 


Bathroom Remodeling

We provide complete bathroom remodeling and everything in between. Remodeling to us is nothing more than several small projects done in the precise order.  


We fabricate bookcases, custom built-ins, closets, laundry rooms, shelving, vanity cabinets, kitchen refacing, crown molding, install doors, casing and baseboard. 

Drywall Repairs

We provide a full range of drywall repairs and texturing including orange peel texture. The BuildClean dust control system will be onsite at no additional cost. 


Just about anybody can paint. What separates a standard finish from a professional finish is the prep work, cut in skills and selecting the proper paint.  

Tile Setting

We build custom tile showers, set backsplash and tile flooring using proven techniques along with the T-Lock™ Tile Leveling System. They will ensure that your floor or wall tile installation will be level and straight.  


Hire us to coordinate and supervise your granite, quartz or soapstone countertop installation. 

Livable Remodeling

The BuildClean dust control system provides a better remodeling experience overall by reducing potential damage to your belongings and creates a healthier environment for homeowners, pets and our entire team. BuildClean dramatically reduces airborne jobsite dust by drawing in air, passing it through a series of filters and returning the “scrubbed” air back into the space. It can also be ducted outside. 

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